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Environment Europe Foundation
Environment Europe is a sustainability think tank, consultancy, a research centre and a non-governmental institution based in Amsterdam and the Hague, the Netherlands and Oxford, UK.

Our mission is to promote sustainability worldwide working with international organisations, governments, cities and regions, businesses and non-governmental bodies.

We are a intellectual powerhouse for conducting research on macroeconomic sustainability, green new deal, smart and sustainable cities, renewable energy and climate change, ecosystems, biodiversity, circular economy and sustainable waste management as well as ESG investment and new sustainable business models.

Environment Europe is consulting for international organisations, governments, regions and companies to assess their sustainability performance based on multiple dimensions, benchmark sustainability performance against the peers, empirically assess policies, design sustainability strategies, challenge the status quo, advise on the strategic transformation of corporate business models for sustainability, select an effective ESG investment approach, assess the true multidimensional value of ecosystems and many other things.

We developed a unique Environment EuropeTM database of Smart and Sustainable Cities and Regions, which includes 140 global cities from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania as well as 1300 cities and regions in Europe. This research has been presented at the UN World Urban Forum and will help cities and regions to understand their position globally, explore their strengths and weaknesses in sustainability and assist in designing tangible and actionable steps to transform their performance.

At the macro level, we have successfully conducted an assessment of the carbon tax in Sweden, the country where this policy tool is used since 1990s and is currently the highest in the world and developed an integrated sustainability assessment report for Turkey funded by UNDP and most recently developed a unique multidimensional assessment of ecosystems in France in partnership with United Nations University. Our work on selecting renewable energy mixes and transforming the energy systems is published a top journal.

We are inviting cities, regions, national governments, companies and international organisations to contact us to collaboratively rethink, redesign and transform your business models, policies, strategies and culture for sustainability.

At the same time, we run a successful educational programme of Summer and Winter Schools in Green Economy, Ecological Economics, Sustainable Cities, Ecosystems and the Economy and, most recently, ESG investment and new sustainable business models.

Environment Europe keeps an active presence and runs projects all around the world and trained participants from 60 countries through its executive education programme: including representatives of such international organisations as UNDP, UNEP, ILO, IUCN, OECD, GGGI, companies like Shell and Deloitte, NGOs like WWF, environment ministries and leading universities.

Participants from Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Iceland, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, China, Jordan, Lebanon, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia joined our programmes.

We are open to requests for one day executive training, speaking, and dedicated corporate ESG and sustainability training sessions. Our founder, the TRIUM Global Executive MBA LSE HEC NYU Stern alum, Dr Stanislav Edward Shmelev, is available for keynote and other forms of executive speaking and is represented by the London Speaker Bureau. Please contact us by email directly director@environmenteurope.org.

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