SHMELEV, S., ed. (2019)
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Shmelev, S., ed. (2019) Sustainable Cities Reimagined: Multidimensional Assessment and Smart Solutions, Routledge
Sustainable Cities Reimagined
Multidimensional Assessment and Smart Solutions

We are living in an an increasingly urbanised world. Cities in Africa, Latin America and Asia are growing like never before. How can we make sure that cities evolve in a sustainable way, minimising the use of resources and emissions, but maximising creative potential, economic opportunities and social cohesion? How can we compare cities based on multiple indicators of their performance? Which cities are performing better and which worse around the world? How can we learn from best practices?

To assess urban sustainability performance, this book explores several clusters of cities, including megacities, cities of the Global South, European and North American cities, cities of the Middle East and North Africa, cities of Central and South East Asia, a city state of Singapore and a large group of global cities. It applies a multi-criteria approach using a panel of environmental, economic, social and smart indicators to assess progress and policies in global cities including London, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles, São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo and many others.

Additional attention is given to the issues of climate change, poverty and smart dimensions, with renewable energy and the drivers of urban CO2 emissions playing the central role. This book is abundant with case studies considering strategies, policies and performance of the leading cities, including San Francisco, Stockholm and Seoul in greater depth, exploring how their successes can be used by other cities. The book identifies key linkages between different smart and sustainability dimensions as well as investment opportunities in cities with sustainability potential.

This book will be of great interest to policy makers, city and regional authorities as well as scholars and students of urban planning and sustainable development aiming to facilitate a sustainability transition in our cities around the world.

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