Multidimensional Assessment of
Sustainability Investments:
Demonstrate How Your Organization
Depends on Nature
Includes live discussion with the leading global experts
Half-day On-demand & Live Course
Includes Live Q&A with Instructor
Demonstrate How Your Organization Depends on Nature
Only 1% of companies can explain their dependence on nature and ecosystems. This is alarmingly low given estimates of future ESG/Sustainability investments over $53 trillion USD in the coming decades. Learn and apply a systems thinking approach to sustainability in your project, business or any organisation, using the latest nature and ecological economics methods developed by the leading experts. This course includes on-demand videos, live discussions and Q&A with the instructor and supporting material.
The course will suit finance professionals, sustainability and ESG consultants, policymakers, prop-tech and construction professionals, academics, researchers and other professionals involved in identifying and evaluating sustainability and decarbonization strategies.

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This course is a must for sustainability professionals, CEOs, CSOs, board members and those interested in sustainability and impact. It will address key elements of the green economy transformation in business, exploring cutting-edge methods, business models and business applications of ecological economics. The programme will draw on the expertise of a range of disciplines to address the current challenges faced by businesses: climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, water shortages, social cohesion and achieving sustainability in a resource-constrained market.

The course will focus on getting started with creating a systemic vision of sustainability for your project or organisation, applying a multi-criteria method to support decision-making and new tools for measuring progress. Particular emphasis will be on the role of business: sustainability transformation, ESG investment analysis, the role of climate investors and new sustainable business models including mapping circular economy to your context. The content delivered is based on some of the most recent and advanced research into ecological economics and sustainability investment, examples of which are published here. Dr Stanislav Shmelev is the author of several books including Ecological Economics: Sustainability in Practice and dozens of peer-reviewed research papers.

This is an accessible course for a broad audience. No prerequisites are necessary and the course comes complete with reading material and notes. Attendees will receive an attendance certificate.

Learn applied methodologies crafted from the latest research
  • Global Planetary Challenges
    Learn from data-driven narratives about the real impacts of climate change, the destruction of ecosystems and the global waste and supply chain crises.
  • Introduction to Ecological Economics
    Apply ecology principles from a sustainability and investment perspective/ This module will lay the foundations and the methodological framework needed to complete the course.
  • Sustainability Assessments
    Multidimensional Assessment for Sustainability at the Macro Scale - this module will introduce dynamic case studies at the country and company levels using a data science approach.
  • ESG Investment Through the Macro Lens
    A deep dive into various industries looking at CO2 emissions, investment flows, jobs, supply chains and how they come together in a systemic model.
  • Sustainable Cities
    A case study module looking at the city and urban scale using recent case studies and work undertaken with the UN.
  • A Closer Look at Ecosystems
    Ecosystems - we will look at how organizations are impacted by water cycles, CO2, food supply, and nature-based solutions.
  • Live Case Study and Q&A
    Join one of several live case study and Q&A discussions with the instructor
Dr. Stanislav Shmelev
Founder & Director
Dr. Stanislav Shmelev is an ecological economist based in Oxford. He holds a PhD in Ecological Economics and Mathematical Methods from the University of Oxford, and has been named one of the top four most promising young economists in the world. He is the founder and CEO of a sustainability think tank, Environment Europe Ltd, and has founded an executive education program in ecological economics and sustainability that has trained participants from over 60 countries.
In his career spanning 20 years, Dr. Shmelev has focused on the new interdisciplinary science of ecological economics, addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as climate change, renewable energy, macroeconomic sustainability, urban sustainability, circular economy, ecosystems, and biodiversity. He has made significant contributions to the field, including developing innovative sustainability assessment methods, new approaches to benchmarking global cities, and multidimensional approaches to the assessment of ecosystems and biodiversity. He has also acted as a consultant to international organizations and multinationals.
Dr. Shmelev is the author and editor of several bestselling books, including Ecological Economics: Sustainability in Practice, Green Economy Reader, and Sustainability Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Approach. His book Ecosystems: Complexity, Diversity and Nature’s Contribution to Humanity has received letters of support from Pope Francis, Prince Charles, President Macron, Prime Minister Rutte, and Sir David Attenborough. His academic publications have appeared in leading journals such as Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Ecological Economics, Cities, Sustainable Development, and Sustainability.

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  • I was part of this wonderful experience. If you think it's time to boost your career then consider this course
    Vincent Awotwe Pratt
  • This is one of the best courses with access to the world's leading experts on sustainability and its impact on investment decisions. The best parts are the data-rich case studies.
    Dr. Naghman Khan, Scientist
  • An excellent introduction to actual techniques and methods I can apply straightaway to my work and volunteering activities.
    Muna Rehman, Lawyer & UNICEF Volunteer
  • I work with companies and countries to evaluate sustainability options and this course has given me new methodologies and ways to look at investment decisions I hadn't considered before.
    Guy Eames, Planet 2030
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