20-26 August 2023

Ecological Economics, Governance and Environmental Sustainability: Green Business Transformation, ESG, Sustainable and Impact Investment and New Sustainable Business Models.

Oxford Summer School in Ecological Economics 2023
St Hilda's College, Oxford

This programme is an absolute must for CEOs, CSOs, board members and sustainability practitioners and will address key elements of the new economy transformation in business, exploring the cutting edge methods, models and policy and business applications in ecological economics. Today most businesses are facing a huge challenge: to embrace sustainability issues and adapt their course or perish. With a clear sustainable development focus, the programme will draw on the expertise of a range of disciplines: economics, business, environmental sciences, sociology, psychology, complex systems theory, etc. to address the current challenges faced by business: climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, water shortages, social cohesion and achieving sustainability. The course will be composed of a theoretical and applied modules and will address multiple elements of the new economy transformation: a systemic vision of sustainability, multiple criteria methods supporting decision making and new tools for measuring progress. Particular emphasis this year will be on the role of business: sustainability transformation, ESG investment and new sustainable business models.

In the first part of the course, we will analyse the concept of economy-environment interactions, industrial ecology and circular economy which highlight the importance of intersectoral flows of matter and energy required for the production of the goods and services. This part will be taught by the thought leaders in ecological economics: Dr Joachim Spangenberg, Prof. Robert Costanza, Dr Stanislav Edward Shmelev and Dr Robert Johnson. The method of environmentally extended input-output analysis, actively used for policy applications around the world, will be introduced to illustrate this approach. Ideas of interdisciplinary synthesis and methodological pluralism will be introduced alongside institutional economic approaches. Next, it will explore the system of tools for decision making based on multicriteria methods, used for sustainability assessment and policy appraisal, which, applied at different levels, could shift the patterns of decisions making towards more socially equitable and more environmentally friendly as well as economically sound decisions. Acting as a bridge to the business module, the final theoretical session will criticise existing approaches to measure macro and business sustainability performance and will introduce new conceptual tools for the assessment of progress. A particular attention will be paid to ecosystems, the impacts of the economy on the ecosystems and alternative ecosystem services assessment and valuation techniques.

The applied part of the course this year will be on business transformation, ESG investment and new sustainable business models. The applied part of the course this year will be on business transformation, ESG investment and new sustainable business models. It will be taught by the absolute stars of the sustainability movement: John Elkington (author of the Triple Bottom Line framework and the most recent book 'Green Swans'), Prof. Tensie Whelan (NYU Stern, the author of the Return On Sustainable Investment methodology), Royston Braganza (CEO of Grameen Impact India, an authority on impact investment), Guy Janssen (BNP Paribas, who manages a $10bln sustainable portfolio), Christoph Klein (who manages an Article 9 sustainable investment fund), Pia Heidenmark Cook (formerly CSO at IKEA), Marcello Palazzi (one of the founders of the B-Corp Movement).
The course is designed for multiple points of entry and could be helpful for Business CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, PhD and MBA students, government experts, and representatives of international organisations. The programme will be a fruitful and supportive environment to share experience and best practices in sustainable investment & business model transformation. The alumni will become part of the vibrant network of sustainability change makers from 60 different countries and inspire further sustainability transformations for the years to come.


The modules will be taught by active professionals and experts, who advise and lead corporations, international organisations, nonprofit organisations, national and city governments around the world and have experience working with EU institutions and the United Nations. The School will draw on the unique expertise of true sustainability pioneers, including the Founder of the International Society for Ecological Economics, Prof. Robert Costanza; the President of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Dr Robert Johnson; the Founder of the B-Corp movement Marcello Palazzi, CEO of Grameen Impact Royston Braganza; Head of Sustainable Investment at BNP Paribas, Guy Janssens; former CSO of IKEA, Pia Heidenmark Cook; Founder of Volans, John Elkington, the Founder and CEO of Environment Europe Foundation, Dr Stanislav Edward Shmelev. The scope of sustainability issues addressed during the School, covering not only economic and environmental, but also social sustainability, will make this School truly unique. Please explore the portrait gallery of our speakers below.


The course will take place at a historic and atmospheric St Hilda's College in Oxford. The unique environment will stimulate our dialogue and create wonderful memories for the years to come. The participants will forge lasting friendships and become part of an alumni network of professionals from 60 different countries.

"Seven years ago I was part of this wonderful experience. If you think it's time to boost your career then consider this course." Vincent Awotwe-Pratt

The Oxford Spring, Summer and Winter Schools in Ecological Economics organised by Environment Europe attracted participants from 60 countries, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Iceland, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Latvia, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, China, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand, including UNDP, UNEP, IUCN, OECD, WWF, GGGI experts as well as representatives of ministries, companies like Deloitte and Shell, NGOs and leading universities. You will be able to see the happy faces of our alumni, professors and the names of organisations that sent their staff to be trained with us at Environment Europe in Oxford on our website.

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6 days average
course duration
Experts and Speakers
The best representatives of the industry will share their experience and projects
  • Prof. Tensie Whelan
    NYU Stern School of Business
  • John Elkington
  • Pia Heidenmark Cook
    Formerly IKEA
  • Dr Joachim H.Spangenberg
    SERI Germany
  • Prof. Joan Martinez-Alier
    Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Prof. Arild Vatn
    Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Prof. Erik Dietzenbacher
    University of Groningen
  • Prof. Dave Elliott
    The Open University
  • Dr Marco Lambertini
    Director General of WWF International
  • Dr Stanislav Shmelev
    Environment Europe, UK
  • Prof. Victoria Hurth
    Plymouth University
  • Kevin Conrad
    Ambassador of Coalition for Rainforest Nations, USA
  • Dr Stanislava Boskovic
    Imperial College London, UK
  • Prof. Herbert Girardet
    The club of Rome & World Future Council
  • Prof. Irina Shmeleva
    Institute of Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Prof. Robert Costanza
    University College London
  • Marcello Palazzi
    Founder, B-Lab Europe
  • Guy Janssens
    BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Dr Robert Johnson
    President, Institute for New Economic Thinking, New York
  • Prof. Cary Krosinsky
    NYU Stern
  • Royston Braganza
    CEO of Grameen Capital
  • Christoph Klein
    ESG Portfolio Management GmbH
  • Prof. Robert Eccles
    Said Business School, Oxford University
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